Any good IT system assumes one important fact:  Your data is in constant danger.

Any number of factors could contribute to an IT disaster—a natural phenomenon such as a flood, fire, or electrical storm; an intentional action such as a hack or sabotage; or crimes such as theft that impact your hardware and ultimately your information. That’s why a Disaster Recovery Plan is critical.

How critical? Four out of 10 businesses that suffer a major IT incident and that don’t have a Disaster Recovery Plan will ultimately fail.

A Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan from JDK Pro gives you a step-by-step process to follow, so you’re working with the people and services you need to get going again—fast, and with minimal interruption. Our plan addresses critical action items:

Contacting police, emergency responders, or other authorities

  • Contacting insurance providers

  • Assessing damage

  • Locating equipment to restore service (temporarily and permanently)

  • Data restoration

  • Preventative measures to avoid future problems.

A Disaster Recovery Plan can mean life or death for your business. JDK Pro takes this seriously, and makes sure you’re prepared should a catastrophe occur.