Hardware traditionally is a major expense for any IT system. And upgrades tend to require significant amounts of capital, which can disrupt cash flow and profitability.
JDK Pro can offer you a Hardware as a Service program, which lets you get the new equipment and software you may need for a flat monthly fee. If you know that you will need a system upgrade as you grow, this is an excellent solution. If you need to manage your budget closely, this gives you the peace of mind that your network isn’t going to become a costly major expense when you can afford it least.
Hardware at a Service programs can cover:
  • Hardware (computers, routers, firewalls, switches)
  • Software

  • Warranties

  • Cabling and Connections

  • Maintenance

There can also be tax advantages to this approach, since it can allow IT equipment costs to qualify as operating expenses. (Your accountant may be able to tell you more, and we’ll be happy to share our experiences with your accounting staff.)